Who should opt for career counselling in Nainital?

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While anyone can opt for career counselling in Nainital, still there are some categories of student who need to take it no matter what. Given, it is for their career building and mental wellness. We listing down such category of students who should come forward to seek the abled guidance of certified education & career consultants.

How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose?

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Statement of Purpose (S.O.P.) is a personal statement given by a student to the university he/she is applying to. It includes information about a student’s interest fields, past volunteering experience,    goals in life and expectations from the undergraduate programme. … Continued

Psychometric Tests & Their Importance For Students

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Choosing one’s career path is time-consuming and confusing for students given plentiful of career choices available in the present day. To help the students identify their aptitude, interests and nature better; the psychometric tests are organized by expert education consultants. … Continued