Top 10 Universities For Higher Education In Germany

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Many German universities come under the list of the world’s Top University ranking. It is thus chosen by thousands of international students every year. Besides getting a good quality education at pocket-friendly prices, the living expense in Germany is also low. So, if you are exploring countries for your future education, Germany has to be on your list.

Top 10 Universities in Germany


  1. The Technical University of Munich
The Technical University of Munich
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The University is one of the highly known education centres in Europe, known for its accomplishments in the field of Research and teaching. The University has around 42,000 students (out of which 32% are International) spread across 15 faculties. Some of the best courses available here are architecture, chemistry, computer science, aviation and much more.

  1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
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This University offers courses in the field of catholic and protestant theology, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Medicine, Physics, and many more. It offers a high-quality research facility, which makes it a preferred destination for students wanting to do doctoral and post-doctoral studies. Apart from that, the University has around 15% International students on its campus.

  1. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
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The University focuses on creating equal opportunities for both men and women and brings together the most ambitious and talented students in one place. The University offers marvellous education in multiple disciplines like Biosciences, Chemistry and Earth Science, Mathematics, Behavioural and Cultural studies, etc.

  1. Humboldt University of Berlin
 Humboldt University of Berlin
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Again a highly-regarded university in the field of research and training, this one has around 420 professors and 1900 assistants to provide impeccable education to their students. Many academic faculties here belong to abroad countries, which gives the students a much wider international perspective of education and life.

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
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KIT University focuses on solving the problems faced by the industry, society, and the environment. They direct their students to integrate into interdisciplinary research projects and international teams as early as possible. Some of the courses you can choose for your research program here include Architecture, civil engineering, chemistry & Biosciences, Economics & Management, etc.

  1. Free University of Berlin
Free University of Berlin
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The University offers a degree in departments including Earth sciences, Law, Physics, Medicine, Business and Economics, etc. The University has a strong grip over the social science courses, especially politics. Around 33,000 students are studying here, out of which 13% international students are in graduate programs while 27% are in Post-graduate courses.

  1. Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen) University
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen) University
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The University comes under the list of Top 10 German Universities and offers innovative solutions for global challenges. Being the largest Technical German University, it has around 45,000 students (out of which 11,000 are international students) and 162 study courses. Some of the well-known courses here are – Mathematics, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc.

  1. Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen
Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen
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The University has a welcoming environment with outstanding academic staff and modern facilities. It houses around 27,000 students out of which 3,000 are from different abroad countries. The University is known for its religious, theology and divinity courses.

  1. Berlin Institute of Technology
Berlin Institute of Technology
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The institute focuses on improving the excellence and quality of its education to remain updated with the current educational technology. Some of the courses you will find here are process sciences, humanities and education, traffic and machine systems, etc.

  1. Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
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The University supports pluralism, open-mindedness and international exchange to build a better and equal society. You will find multiple opportunities here in the field of research, teaching, and administration. Theology, Biology, Philology, Law, Humanities, Medicine, etc., are some of the well-known courses here.

Now that you know about the top colleges in Germany, grab a piece of paper and start planning your way into them. If you are unable to find the right course and college for yourself, get in touch with certified education consultants at Directions Hub to get personalised advice.

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