Career Consultation

Our biggest aim is to help students identify and define their career goals. Identifying goals gives ample time to students to concentrate on activities that appeal to them while they can alongside prepare for their objective in life.

The services that we provide are listed as follows:

Career Assessment & One-To-One Counselling

Get overall career counselling and evaluation with the help of our expert team of certified education consultants. Check for our range of services, and what we can best assist you with. Whether you have a query about the prevailing prospects and opportunities about a given career choice, or want assistance in preparing for standardised tests like GRE, IELTS, SAT, we are here to guide you.

Psychometric Testing / Stream Selector Tests

The career selector tests are best framed to understand a student’s bent of mind, including the personality, passion, aptitude and talent. The standardised psychometric test consists of several questions aimed to check one’s reasoning abilities, thoughts and aspirations from life. Based on the results, we present the students with different subject choices suitable to them. The students can later, finalise the stream confidently. This brings a lot of confidence and harmony in the lives of students.

S.O.P. / L.O.R. Writing

Write the perfect Statement of Purpose when you apply for admission in the leading colleges nationally and internationally. Get experts write for you, so your application can standout amongst others. Similarly Letter of Recommendation needs to be framed intelligently and diligently. For eg., if you’re attaching two recommenders in your application, then they should demonstrate different capabilities and abilities that you have. We can give you more insights into creative and impactful S.O.P. and L.O.R. write-ups.

Guidance on Admission Procedure

Admission process differs from university to university. Region is also a determinant in this, and so are the requirements like visa, country rules that vary if you apply for overseas universities. Knowing the correct requisites is needful for the rightful planning and execution. Our team is well equipped to guide on the admission procedure.

Exposure to Indian & Foreign Universities

As the subjects and courses increase in the education ecosystem, the universities worldwide open up opportunities for students to opt for the new courses, after preparing curriculum in their own unique manner. As a multitude of universities open up these courses, it is necessary for students to know the quality of the courses offered in these universities. Having a know-how helps in making proper decision-making. Our team keeps a strict watch on the quality of the new courses offered by universities worldwide.

IELTS / PTE / GRE Preparation Guidance

Some overseas universities check for language proficiency in students, while in some, admissions are made easy with good scores of tests like GRE, SAT, etc. Directions Hub makes it a point to prepare you for the required language tests and other tests as specified by the universities in a given country.

Scholarship / Forex Exchange / Financial Consultancy

Higher education is a big investment in the lives of students. This prepares them for their life, and brings them experience of a lifetime. Various courses have different yearly fee-structure, and the students need to arrange for the same. We link you to trusted financial institutions and banks for assistance when it comes to loans, and also good deals when it comes to currency exchange (Forex exchange rate). Our team can guide you to get good scholarships, as many universities abroad offer scholarships to meritorious students. There are different percentiles set by management of the universities, which if met by you – could grant you a fee waiver. For more clarity, we would like to check your profile.

Government Education Schemes Awareness

Several schemes and moves are implemented by the Government of India in the Education sector. We present you a focussed analysis of the same, to figure out how you can make the most out of them. For instance, the National Initiative For Design Innovation is one of them.

ECA / Sports Advisory

Students can get advantage in securing admission in the Indian and foreign universities if they excel in a particular sport or extra-curricular activity. Learn more about it with our experts.

Internships With NGO’s

Universities globally check the profiles of students very carefully and give preference to students who have done some social work. We connect you to recognised Non-Governmental Organisations that are doing terrific work and bringing positive change in the society. You can gain experience of working with them, and also add your experience in your profile/application that you send to the universities.

Get in touch with us to book a Career Counselling session in Nainital. Drop us an e-mail at and we shall get back to you.