Who should opt for career counselling in Nainital?

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Career or education counselling is necessary for every student given it brings a lot of clarity and boosts up one’s confidence. The professional advice given by the certified career counsellors in Nainital, can help students save time by not picking up the incorrect path for their career growth. There are times when the students select subjects in colleges without much interest towards them. The consultancy of the counsellors is relevant and practical in this scenario. Also, to save the students from any kind of mental pressure or disappointment. They deserve to express themselves clearly to a professional counsellor and get the right advice in adequate time.

While anyone can opt for career counselling in Nainital, still there are some categories of student who need to take it no matter what. Given, it is for their career building and mental wellness. We are listing down such categories of students who should come forward to seek the abled guidance of certified education & career consultants.

  • Students in Grade 10th

The students who are entering class 10th or have finished with the exams, should sit down with the counsellors to discuss their future career graph. This session can begin their career planning at the right age. The counsellors advise the students to take a psychometric test, which assesses their aptitude, IQ, interests, etc. The test is later examined by the counsellors where the technical as well as scientific aspects of career counselling are put to use. It can also be termed as the stream selector test for students to help them choose a particular stream of education for the higher grades in school.

  • Students in Grade 11th – 12th

Students who are in grade 11th and unsure of their career goals, should immediately seek advice of certified career counsellors in Nainital. Wasting too much time could mean repeating the grade, given the lack of commitment to study certain subjects or the lack of confidence in oneself.

The students in these grades can also seek advice for higher education opportunities in both India & abroad. Good quality of higher education is in much demand across the globe, and institutes as well as reputed universities are coming up with advanced courses to meet the student’s preferences and interests. It is always a good idea to talk with the right people, to stay prepared and not out of focus. Being out of focus for one’s future could land the future at risk of being stagnant.

  • Seekers of Higher Education Opportunities Internationally

In addition to the school students, there are many college students looking for post-graduate course opportunities abroad. This is due to the innovative learning and working possibilities overseas. The career experts offer their best knowledge to seekers to learn about the available courses in various universities across different countries. The students can check out the scholarships offered, fee-structure, loan criteria and compare their preferred universities before making the final decision. The decision is in the hands of the students to pick up the most viable university. Different countries are popular for different courses. For example: Germany is well known for automotive engineering, so it’s preferred by many students looking for engineering abroad. (Germany is Europe’s biggest automotive market).

The expertise of a certified career counsellor is helpful in the career planning of any student. Book your session for career counselling in Nainital with our Director & Senior Mentor Ms. Esha Shah. Call us for a Free Appointment Online: 07055685075

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