Career Counselling for 11th & 12th Students

Students need the support and guidance of parents, teachers and elders when they are in high school. As they take advise, they can drive into different perspectives, ideas and inclinations. Through all this, what matters the most is the power of communication and constructive reasoning of facts and ideas. Till the moment this is happening, the students would be free to share their thoughts with their care-takers.

At Directions Hub, we value the unique identity, personality, traits, aptitude, talent and upbringing of every student whom we meet. Our motto is to get them on the right path and bring awareness on how necessary it is for them to follow their ambitions and passion.

Over the years, the mainstream cinema has tried to break the ice between parents and children, when it comes to setting career goals. A Bollywood blockbuster film called ‘3 Idiots’, identified the very fact that every child is special in one’s own way and should be allowed to become what one ought to be. One dialogue from the film fits aptly on this idea and it is, “imagine if Sachin Tendulkar’s parents asked him to be a singer and Lata Mangeshkar’s parents her to play cricket, what would be the outcome?” Enough said, it is every person’s right to choose the career one likes.

We also meet students who are not sure of what their calling in life really is? In that case we counsel them on their choices in life and what appeals to them the most. In addition to this, we also conduct stream based career selection tests, namely, the Ideal Career Test, Commerce Career Selector Test, Humanities Career Selector Test, etc. For general stream selection we assist students to take Psychometric Test as well. This can be taken at secondary school also, but there is no specific age limit to it. We believe that it’s never too late to know what really is the right career path for you, but it is better, you take the control of your life in your hands as early as you can.

Now comes the idea of higher education after schooling. Indian as well as overseas students have great opportunities to obtain quality education in Indian universities. Lately, we have had overseas students planning to fulfill​ their higher education goals in India. In India, we have numerous government and private institutions that offer a plethora of courses for students from across the globe. Remember, the possibilities are endless, all you need is patience and determination to talk the walk. We help our students study in India and abroad, and right from their documentation process to visa application get them all services to keep them stress-free. Learn more about Overseas Education planning with Directions Hub.

If you need any assistance in deciding your career objectives or are facing stress studying your chosen stream in class 11th or 12th, then right away TALK TO US. We assure that after that you will find yourself at a better space, with a balanced mindset.