Overseas Education Planning

The checklist for study abroad planning is long, and that makes the process even more exciting. Being an aspirant, you can do a thorough check of global universities by reading their prospectus. To dig in deep for greater knowledge and understanding of the overseas education programmes, you can consult the Directions Hub team. We help you choose the best universities, that not only add to your CV but also personality and aptitude.

Read on in order to learn how we can assist you in defining the DIRECTION to your CAREER PATH:

  • University / Course Selection

The students get to explore the extensive courses available across universities in different countries. For Undergraduate courses, the students check combination of subjects offered that suit their likeness and passion.

  • Check Requisites for Admission in Preferred Course

One part of deciding the college is the annual fee structure and other costs of living in a given country. The certified career counsellors help you understand how you can take the help of financial institutions and banks for loans and arranging finances (if required). Scholarship criteria is also checked in certain universities, in case, you meet the criteria and are offered fee-waivers.

  • Application & Documentation

After deciding the course and university, starts the application and documentation process. All papers required by the university, from the school passing mark-sheet, to documents of passing language exams, i.e., PTE, IELTS, etc., are attached as proof.

  • Visa Application

Once the university approves your admission, you can apply for visa to your destination country.

The team of expert career counsellors help you complete the above tasks after careful analysis. Guidance from experts helps you save time and create a better impact. If you are looking for overseas education planning then give us a call right away: +91 7055685075