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Psychometric testing is a general test to check the interests and potential of students in various fields. The best part is that, the doubts related to choosing different streams is sorted for the students. On seeing the results of the psychometric tests, the students, teachers and parents can collectively decide a right stream for the student. Further, the correct stream chosen by the student plays a greater role in one’s life. It saves one from doubting the capabilities and strengths, and deliver to the best of one’s potential.

Career planning can start at any age. While the earlier the better, but every individual has one’s own pace and time for deciding on the right career. Our expert eduction consultants make it a point, to help people find their calling after sharing their interest fields, expectations from different courses and more. We also let some students give psychometric tests to give them the confidence that the road they are taking is correct for them. Our team of professionals, bring them awareness about the existing opportunities in their line of interest.

Explore different courses and subjects available in the leading Indian universities. We are associated with a number of universities in different Indian states. We arrange seminars from time and now, where students can meet with the delegates of universities from across the country, and learn about the admission procedure and clarify other queries.

Overseas education has always interested students. Directions Hub gives you better insight into overseas colleges and how you can secure admission in them. Get help in documentation, SOP writing, interview-preparation, Visa application and more. We back students to fulfil their dreams by opening up greater opportunities in the universities abroad.

About Us

Directions Hub is a passion project which began with an aim of helping students find the right career path for themselves. Our services include career counselling, assistance in stream selection / college admissions, scholarships guidance, profile building, SOP writing, visa application for students and more. Our students are studying in leading Indian & Overseas universities such as O.P. Jindal University, Nayang Business School, University of West London, Ashoka University, etc. Our Director Ms. Esha Shah aims to shorten the admission process and make it less-tricky and smooth for both the students and their parents. Ms. Shah is an active social worker who feels the need of giving back to the society, and adding value to the lives of other people.

Our Services & Guidance Keep You Covered

Application & Documentation

Loan/Forex Card Assistance

Course/College Shortlisting

Stream Selection for 9th & 10th Class Students

Scholarship Guidance

S.O.P., L.O.R. Writing

Admission Advisory in Sports/ECA Quota

Internships for Students in NGO’s

Filing Overseas Visa Application

Guidance on Govt. Schemes on Education

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