Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendation are often asked by foreign as well as Indian universities in the admission process.

The Statement of Purpose (S.O.P.) is a statement written by a student to describe his/her career goals, and how a particular course or opted subjects bridge the gap between the aspirations and the actual goals. In the S.O.P., the students can write about their hobbies, talents, achievements and also the volunteering work done for social institutions. The academicians get a broad picture of what the students are looking forward to, and how much deserving they are for admission in the applied course.

The Letter of Recommendation (L.O.R.) is asked by universities for a background and rapport check, to see how a given student stands in the books of one’s seniors, i.e., employer or professor. There are many measures that a student should keep in mind while getting a L.O.R. written, because words said for you by others leave an important impression.

The efficient team at Directions Hub guides the students with the necessary Do’s & Don’t’s that they should follow for fruitful responses from the universities. For a broad roadmap to writing impactful S.O.P. & L.O.R., talk to our education consultants. Write to us at