Study in Canada Guide For International Students

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Canada is known for its quality and affordable education, where 21 Canadian Universities come under World’s top 500 Universities. Thousands of International students take admission in Canadian Universities every year. However, some students can find the admission process tedious. Hence, here is a complete guide to guide you through the overall admission procedure.

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Step-by-step Guide To Study In Canada For International Students

– Do A Thorough Research

The first and foremost step required for overseas education is a detailed analysis of everything you will have to manage in a foreign country. Starting from the courses to the lifestyle, go through all the aspects related to higher education. It is highly important to learn about the courses, degree types, university rankings, placement status, living patterns and overall cost that you need to bear during your stay in Canada.

– Course and University Selection

After a Blueprint, you need to start working on the admission process. Dig deeper to explore the courses you would like to pursue, their duration, course admission requirements, fee, and their future implications. Try to choose your course based on your educational qualifications and interests. You can also take a psychometric test if you are unable to make a career decision.

Once you decide on your course, look for the Universities offering a degree/diploma for the same. While selecting, make sure that the University has a reputed faculty, an adaptable curriculum and a medium-to-high placement rate.

– Appear For Language Proficiency Test

It is mandatory to appear for a Language proficiency test either in English or French to study in Canada for International students. Some preferred tests for English are IELTS, PTE & TOEFL, while for French are DALF, TCF, DELF & TEF. Check with your preferred University about the score required for the admission and prepare accordingly.

– Submission Of Application

After shortlisting the Universities, now it is time to apply. It is advised to apply after comparing all the choices as the application fee is quite high. So, take a maximum of 2-3 Universities as backup and apply only to those you want to join. Some popular universities you can choose from include McGill University, University of Alberta, The University of British Columbia, etc.

– Apply For Canada Study Permit

Once you receive the acceptance letter from a University, apply for a Canadian study permit either online or by visiting an application centre. Else, contact Directions Hub – career abroad counselling agency to assist you with the whole admission process, including the application process and visa permit.

And for the permit, you need to attach the University acceptance letter, your passport and documentary proof of your ability to finance your education. These are the basic requirements, but it is advised to consult the visa application centre or read the terms & conditions online about the requirement of documents in detail.

Lifestyle tips for living in Canada

  • Canadians support multiculturalism & a diverse population. Hence, do your bit and respect all the social and professional activities happening around you. Start by visiting events and networking with other students.
  • Always remain gender-neutral in each aspect as Canadians promote Gender equality.
  • Suburbs are cheaper than the metropolitan cities like Toronto. So, try to find an accommodation space in suburbs with a good commuting facility.
  • Now that you know a brief about study in Canada for International students, plan your studies in the country. Do a thorough research of scholarships provided by state and private universities and the loan pay-back policies (if applicable).

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