Role of Career Counsellors in Shaping Lives of Students?

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Many people would agree to this thought that, “education begins at home.” It is true to an extent because the family values, relationships with dear ones affects a person undoubtedly. In the same manner, there are expectations raised on the children when they are growing up. Some parents have already seen dreams of their kids growing up to take up a given profession, maybe because they have a tradition of that profession or just a wish. But as a child grows, goes to school, meets people from the outside world; one develops a sense of being. That could be discovering one’s own thought patterns, nature, ideas and opinions. 

As the mind is growing, there are many expectations that one has to walk past every day at a tender age. It is then, that the need of an education consultant comes into picture. Because only a certified educationist or psychologist can give that freedom of being to a student, to express one’s thoughts freely, i.e., without any burden of expectations of others. 

The role of career counsellors is to help the students ease their mental pressure and troubles related to studies. This they do by having a one to one discussion with the students on what they really want to become in life, or pursue because they feel attached to a given path. After discussing the points, there is an analysis of what could be the best possible career prospects in the long run. Furthermore, the students can also take the psychometric tests to be sure of their stream selection. 

Cases are seen where students select wrong subjects according to their personality, aptitude and skills just because they looked intriguing. Due to this, they are not able to get a good score in their exams even after studying really hard. 

Career counsellors assist students right from their secondary school to their higher education planning and career goal setting. The counsellors also bring to the notice of students, various opportunities to grow in a given field both in universities in the home country and overseas. That is how, the career counsellors shapen the lives of students. 

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