ECA & Sports Advisory

There’s no doubt in the fact that sports and extra-curricular activities take a lot of patience, hard-work, commitment and sacrifices to pursue them. As students devote their time to their favourite activities, they have to create a balance between the activities and their studies. So to give them a better chance to prove their mettle, government and private universities keep a quota specially for such students.

The students need to give trials and auditions in sports and ECA’s respectively. But even after working hard, some students miss out the chance of applying under this quota due to lack of knowledge and guidance. That is exactly where Direction Hub comes into picture, i.e., to show the students the correct way!

University officials look out for sincere and dedicated students who could prove as an asset to the legacy and name of the university itself. The students selected under the ECA / Sports category are given chances to represent the college at the inter-college and higher levels. This acts as a brilliant opportunity for the students as well.

Receive details about admissions under ECA / Sports Quota and don’t rely on the idea that you know everything already. The correct advise can take you places, while they say, half knowledge is dangerous for anyone.

Our team assesses the career opportunities in your area of interest and on the similar lines motivates you to apply in certain universities that evaluate students on ECA and Sports Quota. So, connect with us to learn how your skills can get you admission in the college and course of your dreams. Shoot your queries at and we will be happy to assist you further.