Why career counselling is important for students?

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When the students are in their secondary grades, they often face this question of what career path would they take? On not being sure of what career they should choose, they start relying on the suggestions and recommendations of others. The people advising them are either their guardians, teachers or relatives. Getting too many career ideas, students pick up the subjects which interest them the most. But is it the right thing to do? Given, there is no dearth of students who pick up certain subjects, only to change them later. 

The solution to choosing the right career choice is ‘Career Counselling’. Yes, the students need to sit with certified career consultants to discuss their passion, interests and opportunities. The counsellors make students take a psychometric test to find out their real interests and aptitude.

A psychometric test is a test which assesses the qualitative and quantitative reasoning of students. This further assures the counsellors on what career path would be beneficial for the students. On the basis of this test and counselling sessions, the students are provided with a report which helps them understand the career opportunities suitable for them. 

The guardian and student can later on take the decision of choosing the subjects. A career graph is prepared for the students to know in what directions they are moving. This saves them a lot of time, energy and money. For students don’t aimlessly study anything. They understand the importance of creating career goals and fulfilling them.

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