Pursue your higher education in the premier institutions of Germany. Make your study abroad dreams come true with career planning.

"It is our mission to help students reach their highest potential by securing education from the leading global educational institutions. Education in Germany opens up great career opportunities for students."
Esha Shah - Director (Directions Hub)
Director, Directions Hub


Germany has a lot to offer to international students. From affordable quality education to a variety of courses and low-cost of living, the country fulfils your higher education aspirations. 

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Germany has 400+ universities that score high in international rankings. Some of them include: LMU Munich, Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin amongst others. Around 162 courses are offered by German universities.


Germany is popular amongst both graduate and post-graduate students for quality courses and ease of living. 

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Psychometric Testing for Students

Psychometric Testing

Students can take the Psychometric Test to figure out their interests and aptitude in general areas such as logical reasoning, quantitative analysis and more.

Profile Building

Create a professional student profile that could be used for sending admission applications to global universities in Germany.

Visa application for students (1)

Visa Application

Understand the process of Visa Application for Germany to pursue your higher education. Our team helps you process the Visa application process seamlessly. So that you keep all your worries at bay.

Career Counselling for students

Education Counselling

Book your virtual education consultancy session with our Director Ms. Esha Shah and learn about a suitable career path for yourself.

Course Selection for Higher Education (1)

Subject or Course Selection

It can be a task to find out a suitable course to pursue in higher education. We help you find out your interests better and accordingly present you the subject options.

College selection for higher education

College Selection

Finalise the college of your dreams in your budget and as per your course requirements. We are associated with the leading German universities, and help you streamline your admission process.

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Our Director & Senior Mentor Ms. Esha Shah is a Certified Career Counsellor who is on a journey to guide students to achieve excellence in their areas of interest and passion. She believes that every individual must achieve one's best potential and that is how they can contribute towards the collective welfare of the society.