Intern With NGO’s

The idea of interning with Non-Governmental Organizations in one’s student life says a lot about a student’s outlook of society. When it comes to studying abroad, then the volunteering experiences appear as an advantage, given the fact that global universities regard the NGO’s very highly. The social work done by NGO’s gains great reputation, as it’s about some important cause, contribution towards which can say about the high virtues in a person. The reference of NGO’s and such volunteering experiences can be added in the Statement of Purpose as well; because it’s impressive to see students working on a mission which is greater than themselves.

The PRIME FACTORS about you, that can make your profile look complete and strong due to your work for social causes are given as follows:

Leadership & Teamwork Skills

Working for an organisation for free means that you want to take the responsibility of creating positive impact in the society, with your innate efforts. Working on low-budgets in an NGO and solving tricky situations, at the same time being resourceful, motivating people and managing events in a small team can say big things about you. If you have the experience of working for causes, then you need not explain it to anyone – IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

Universities abroad look for students who are ready to take up challenges, and work beyond their capacity (in a positive way), to create an IMPACT in whatever they do. Whether it is about studies, extra-curricular activities, organizing​ college festivals, etc., your skill-sets get richer with volunteering experience. Moreover, it is good for your confidence and building people skills.

Make Your Profile Standout & Glitter

Having good working experience in the non-governmental organisation can mean greater things in the life of a student. One can gain preference from universities for scholarships and even better internship opportunities while still studying in the Under-Graduate programmes. That can ease a student’s challenges of finding part-time work as well, because the employers look for such leadership skills in individuals. In addition, working for a social cause defines a person’s image as calm, resilient and determined.

How We Can Help You?

We, at Directions Hub have associated with several NGO’s that give students the chance to work for the greater good of society. There are various social causes we are a part of, and we motivate our students to follow the cause which connects to them. Drop us an e-mail at for more insights.