Stream Selection for 9th & 10th Class

Education prepares a student to face one’s tomorrow confidently and with a definite PURPOSE. Getting the right education is imperative in the present age of high competition be it any profession. On the other hand, opportunities are vast and consistent across various fields.

As the question of choosing a specific field comes up for students, they are left speculating for a long time. This is due to the lack of knowledge and experience of the professional world, that they fail to understand what really is their inner-calling. Here comes the ROLE OF CAREER COUNSELLORS. They not only assess a student’s capability in different fields but also guide them on the growth prospects prevailing in those fields in the present times.

Here are some points for you to understand why correct stream selection shapes the life of a student?


Self-awareness or self-realisation is the best thing that can happen to anyone at any age. But the earlier it is, the better. A student can discover one’s goals by talking out to parents, teachers, friends and a certified education counsellor. Conversations play a greater role in discovering ones talents and aptitude better. The force behind anyone’s talent doubles up with efficiency when applauded by others. Encouragement and passing motivation on children makes them strong and better judge of their craft and skills. Everything put together is magic and gold, as the end product is SELF DISCOVERY.

Saves Speculation & Time

It is said that “time and tide wait for none,” and so it entirely holds true in the life of a student. Making the decision of career selection at an early age, say, when one is studying in 9th or 10th class – makes the road ahead easier. Here, the education counsellors can be of HUMUNGOUS help. In addition, the students are SAVED from the threat of speculating the right courses and a lot of stress.

Increased Focus on Career & Work

Once the students are sure about their career objectives, they would go all-out to work sincerely and passionately to fulfil them. Above all, the chosen stream would be according to their likeness and affinity. This increases the chances of success by great levels!!

Peace of Mind

Working wholeheartedly towards one’s goals can be the most positive thing for a student. This makes the students creative, innovative and happy at the same time. Moreover, it’s good for their mental wellbeing.

On the lines of the above-mentioned points, it is advised to all the students to take the STREAM SELECTOR TESTS. The Directions Hub team takes great pride in supporting the youngsters to pick up the stream which fits their personality, aptitude and talent. Give us a call right away +91 7055685075 to get guidance on stream selection.