Students’ Testimonials

Right now, I am on my way to choosing my degree for college. Directions Hub helped me leaps and bounds in guiding me which way to go. I am in a much better place than where I was earlier. I know I am in safe hands.

Nipuna Chabra

I was given the care and guidance to go pursue my goals and passion and thanks to Directions Hub for their care and continued support even after getting me to college. I just know that they are there when I need to talk to them.

Anchal Bajaj

Appreciating the toil,
I’d first like to start off by thanking Esha Mam and her team to sew up things in a good turn of obligement. It has been a great experience being under their consultancy since they’ve been acting always as a side kick and also a great help and support in making my ways throughout and guiding me every now and then..until I finally could opt for myself…. The best orbit in


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