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About Us

Directions Hub is a passion project which began with an aim of helping students find the right career path for themselves. Our services include career counselling, assistance in stream selection / college admissions, scholarships guidance, profile building, SOP writing, visa application for students and more. Our students are studying in leading Indian & Overseas universities such as O.P. Jindal University, Nayang Business School, University of West London, Ashoka University, etc. Our Director, Ms. Esha Shah aims to shorten the admission process and make it less-tricky and smooth for both the students and their parents. Ms. Shah is an active social worker who feels the need of giving back to the society, and adding value to the lives of other people.

Esha Shah - Director (Directions Hub)

Esha Shah

Founder – Directions Hub

Ms. Esha Shah is passionate to help students make the most of the growing opportunities in higher education. Been a social worker herself, she is fuelled with a sense of commitment to create the right link between students and respective Indian and global universities. Ms. Shah has previously served as the President of the Lioness Club in Nainital, where she undertook major steps to aide the Red Cross Society in their disaster management initiatives. She firmly believes in giving out VALUE to the society through her efforts, and that’s how Directions Hub came into existence. You can reach out to her at


Esha Shah - Career Counsellor in Nainital, India

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